01 July 2015

Chipmunk nail art- Alvin, Simon.... Theodore!

Hey all

This is part 2 of the manicure I mentioned last week in the Meg and Mog post. A few people asked me to do different designs on my nails hence the hodge podge of different characters in one manicure.

I started of with the original (and the best!) chipmunks: Simon, Alvin and Theodore. Toad and Bowser are on my pinky and thumb, both from the Super Mario franchise. I love Mario nail art and I've managed to do a fair few of the different characters now.

I used pretty much the same polishes here to make it a bit easier for myself:

Illamasqua Monogamous (base on all nails)
Models own Hedonist (for Toads spots and Bowsers hair)
OPI I just can't cope-acabana (Toads Shirt)
Nail the Bytch- Lick or ish bytch (For their tongues and Alvin's Hat)
GOSH Silver (Bowsers neck)
NYC High line green (Bowser)
Sally Hansen Patent Gloss in Vinyl (Outline, glasses and facial features) 
Sally Hansen Miracle gel Topcoat

It was hard enough to do this I have to say. This is my second attempt at painting the Chipmunks on my nails and it's a vast improvement on the last one! It's not perfect but I'm glad it's improving a bit.

If you have any ideas for future nail art please let me know below. I'm struggling to come up with anything new at the moment.

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