09 December 2014

The perfect festive nail kit

Hey all,

I have both of the Miss Elegant Touch Candy dip nail kits to show ye today. To start off I have the Holly Berries kit. This kit consists of 3 pots of glitter in red, gold and green. Pretty much Christmas in a box. You also get 2 sheets of 18 double sided stickers to use as a base for the glitter. I have tried these and while they work perfectly I use a similar polish colour as a basecoat instead. This gives a far richer finish and it makes the glitter stand out so much more. 

 I have on one coat of the Sally Hansen Patent polish in Moto. While that was still dry I stuck it into the pot of glitter (they aren't completely full to the brim so you won't spill any and it's far quicker than pouring some out). Doing this just once covers the entire nail so it's a pretty quick process. 
Dry time is pretty normal so doing your entire manicure only takes a couple of minutes really.

I left on the red glitter and added on an accent nail. I added on Catrice Goldfinger to half on my nail and stuck it in the gold glitter pot. After leaving that for roughly a minute I painted the other half with China Glaze Holly Day. I stuck that into the green glitter pot and that's it! The glitters are far nicer in person. They look just like ornaments. My hands are so sparkly and they just look amazing. 

I added on a topcoat to see how it would affect the glitter. I have to say they look pretty amazing with a topcoat. Not only does it make the glitters look so rich and deep but it also keeps the glitter on the nail so you don't end up with glitter everywhere. 

I did a quick swatch on the other kit. This is  the Ice Gem kit. Again you get 3 glitters and 2 sheets of double sided stickers. For the glitters you get: silver, white and blue. I think the only disappointing glitter is the white one. It's not as pure white as I expected it to be. Thankfully if you layer it over a white polish it looks just like snow. Over other polishes it looks pretty sheer, almost like a flakie or a faint shimmer. All of the other glitters are amazing though. Each pack costs €5.99 so they are very affordable. The process is quick and easy but the end result is a super striking manicure. I would highly suggest using a fan brush to wipe off the excess glitters from the nail back into the pot once you are finished the dipping process. You'd be surprised how much comes off and it helps reduce the amount of mess/clean up needed once it's all done and dusted. 

**Product was provided for review**

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