19 December 2014

It's a circus

Hey all,

I have had Essence Circus Confetti for a couple of years now but I never found a  base polish that I loved to pair it with. The glitters never showed up or they ended up being drowned out if the base was too 'fancy'. So in the end I had to just strip it all back and stick with a white base. In all fairness it does look pretty perfect over a white polish. All the different coloured glitters stand out and you can easily see the shifts in colour, even in crappy light. 

Here I have on one coat of the Sally Hansen Miracle thickener basecoat. On top of that I have 3 coats of NYC Pinstripe white. For all the hype surrounding this polish I found it to be really disappointing. It's sheer and watery. Application isn't great as it drags a lot so you get a tonne of bald spots. Not a happy chappy. Once that was finally dry I added on a coat of Essence Circus Confetti. This is a fairly jam-packed glitter so I did wipe the brush on the side of the bottle first. I topped it off with a coat of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel topcoat. I loved this. I think this might be my Christmas mani but we'll see.


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