08 October 2014

Plumdog Millionaire

Hey all,

Easily one of my favourite polishes at the moment, Catrice Plumdog Millionaire is the most recent addition to my stash. I think it's one of the most unique textured polishes I have come across given the mix of glitters that sparkle beautifully on the nail. When I saw this in person I knew I would be getting it, The pictures don't do it justice (which is odd as my camera is usually pretty good with this shade of purple) but trust me, if you come across this polish you really need to get it.

I have on 3 coats of Plumdog Millionaire. I have to say I'm not keen on the name. It's not the best one they've come up with! The polish is amazing though. The end result isn't really gritty. I'd say it dries a bit bumpy but it's not hugely noticeable. The wear time is outstanding. I wore this for a week straight and only ended up with tipwear at the end. It's all the more amazing given the fact that I was incredibly hard on my nails that week. I was sure I'd have to change my nails after a day or two but it was perfect. 

This is how plumdog millionaire looks with a topcaot. You can see the gorgeous blue and pink glitters more so here. You can see the glitters without a topcoat but they really stand out here, like a little galaxy on your nails. These pictures were taken at the end of the week, just before I took the polish off. See what I mean about the wear? I could easily wear them for another couple of days without a bother. Honestly one of the nicest polishes I have bought in a long while. I think it's pretty appropriate for Halloween too!


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