14 July 2014

Coral me Crazy

Hey all,

I had some points saved up on the Born Pretty Store site so I decided to take advantage of the reduced price and get another one of their holographic polishes. After a fair bit of research I decided on the Coral/ Pink one which is labelled #4. I heard a lot of talk about this as one of the more unique holographic polishes they have on offer. This is mainly down to the colour which isn't all that common in holographic polishes I've found. Also, after reading a few blogs that featured this polish I found out that some people got a straight pink polish while others got a coral/pink version which is a bit confusing. I'm sure I got the right polish though so thankfully it all worked out this time. 

The formula on #4 is pretty good. I have on 2 coats and it's very easy to apply. Dry time was good too! The holographic effect shows up really well. It's not as strong as the Colour Club halo hues collection or GOSH Holographic (the original version at least, I don't own the new version) but it's still very noticeable.  I think I paid around €2 for this in the end. I would say these really aren't worth the money full price so always use a coupon or save up some points if you want to get one. As you can see in the top picture the bottles are teeny tiny (6ml). If you can get them for a lower price then I would recommend them, especially the more unique colours. 


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