19 May 2014

Zoya Beatrix

Hey all,

A quick swatch for ye today. I've been toying around with textured polishes again and I thought I'd pop Zoya Beatrix on and see how I liked it. I have on 2 coats but really it needed a third to cover all the bald spots. It looked grand at night but in the morning I could definitely see the patches. It dried a bit slower than other textured polishes I have tried. It has a great golden shimmer to it but it really does not come off on camera. In person you can definitely tell that it has something more to it than just being a plain old orange polish. 

I like orange nail polish and the gold shimmer in this is lovely but I wish the orange was a bit deeper. It looks nice with a topcoat though that kind of defeats the purpose of buying a textured polish :P I think this is a nail art only polish but it makes an amazing (almost perfect in my books) base for a certain glitter polish that I'll be posting about fairly soon. It does mean I have to wait and make sure this is definitely dry before I add on the glitter topper but it looks pretty so it's worth it if I have time. 


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