29 May 2014

China Glaze Electrify & Zoya Beatrix

Hey all,

This is the topper I told ye about in the Zoya Beatrix swatch post last week. I'm sure most, if not all, of ye have heard about China Glaze Electrify. It is a beautiful gold and red glitter in a clear base but I couldn't get it to work on it's own. The glitters always ended up looking really dark on the nail and it lost that glow-y look. Turns out Zoya Beatrix is the perfect base for Electrify. I'm not sure if it's because Beatrix has that golden shimmer in it but these two polishes glow when you team them up.

I already had on 2 coats of Zoya Beatrix when I added one coat of China Glaze Electrify on top. This is a pretty jam-packed glitter so it will get thicker on the nail if you add on more coats. One was perfect though as it allowed the golden shimmer in Beatrix to shine through. This is one of my favourite combinations but you need to try it or see it in person to appreciate how sparkly this is! The camera does not pick up on it at all. It was a pain in the arse to remove though. I wore this as a full manicure for about a week.  Beatrix is a textured glitter basically so I have 3 layers of glitter to take off. 

You can see some of the bald spots in Beatrix in the macro shot below. It's not visible in person as Electrify covered it up really well. Love this combination!


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