20 March 2014

Best of Beauty- Your favourite treatment

Hey all,

This week's post for the Best of Beauty challenge hosted by Samantha from All the Buzz is your Favourite Treatment. I have never been to a Beauty Salon so the only real treatments I have are the ones I do myself at home. My favourites are really a toss between a face mask and a pedicure. Nothing extremely difficult or time consuming really but they make a huge difference (most of the time)

Face masks are my go-to skincare products because they are quick. easy to use and more often than not you see the results fairly rapid. The only downside for me is the price. Fair enough you can get the Montagne Jeunesse sachets for around €1.60 but they are messy and hard to store I reviewed a couple on here a few years ago). My favourite one for ages was the Pixy Rose Cleansing mud. I like the fact that it's a mud mask and it hardens on your skin so it doesn't drip everywhere. My skin was left incredibly soft after using it. Such a nice feeling!

Pedicures for me aren't a common occurrence. I tend to do them once a month maybe? The main reason I do it is to keep my feet in good shape. I know people hate talking about feet but I think it's important to keep them in good form seeing as we use them constantly. I did paint my toes last night with the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Blue Streak (there's a review here if ye'd like to give it a gawk)  from their Spring Summer releases and I love it! Manicures aren't really a treatment for me seeing as I do them all the time :P


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