16 January 2014

Textured Chevrons

Hey all,

A fair while back Miss Budget Beauty was looking for guest posts and I offered to do one up for her. I love her blog and her beauty videos but her Vlogs are what really got me. Her son Milo is so fricking cute! She is straight talking and honest which I think is fairly rare on beauty reviews now a days. She is by far one of my favourites so I was delighted to think of a fun nail design to do for the post. I ended up going for a textured look seeing as it was fairly popular at the time.

I do know that the Chevron design is always pretty popular in the nail art world so I stuck with that. I started off with a base coat of Barry M Ripley road on my Index and pinky fingers and Barry M Kingsland Road on my middle and ring fingers. Once that was dry I cut two stripes of the striping tape and stuck that on the base of my nail. In the middle of that I painted on Barry M Atlantic road (blue) and Barry M Station  Road (yellow) I chose to freehand the tips using Zoya Beatrix.

This was a fun way of using the textured polishes I have. I love all of the colours together although now I do wish that Zoya Beatrix was a lighter orange. It seems a bit dark :/



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