25 January 2013

My nail polish picks from 2012...

Hey all!

I'm splitting up my favourites of 2012 into four "Favourites" groups- Nail polish, indie nail polish, Nail art and favourite beauty/skincare products. The posts would be far too long otherwise! Up first are my favourite nail polish picks of 2012...

1) Essence Grumpy from the Limited Edition Snow White collection

A gorgeous deep royal blue. Very bright and eye-catching to say the least! I'm sure there are loads of dupes around but this blew me away this year. More about this polish HERE

2) Sally Hansen Gilded Lily.

I fell in love with this shade during the last few weeks of December but I used it in a tonne of nail art designs and I wore it on its own for a good week. More on this polish HERE

3) Essence Hello Holo

Probably the most used polish I own. I've gone through half a bottle so far and I already bought a back up just in case. Amazing on its own and as a topper. More on this polish HERE

4) Catrice Raspberry fields forever 

I love this polish. It's a gorgeous squishy raspberry nail polish. It has a great formula and it is as cheap as chips. More on this polish HERE

5) China Glaze Kalahari Kiss from the On Safari Collection

I have a new found love for China Glaze. Kalahari kiss is such a unique polish.  Very pretty and it makes a great base for nail art but looks perfectly striking on its own. More on this polish HERE

6) Barry M Hot Pink Sunshine (Retro pink) from the retro collection commemorating their 30th anniversary

A surprise favourite for me. I'm not a huge pink fan but this nail polish really stood out and caught my eye. Awful stupid name though. More on this polish HERE

7) China Glaze Exotic Encounters From the On Safari Collection

Teal is one of my faourite colours. I have a few favourite teal polishes but I think this trumps them by being a creme (my favourite finish) I loved every second of wearing this. More on this polish HERE

8) China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy from the Poolside collection

This polish is as old as the hills but regardless I love a good coaral. Application is a whole other story but I love how bright and eye-catching it is. It lasted well on the nail and it will burn your retinas with neon goodness :) More on this polish HERE

9) Catrice Pimp my Shrimp

Another gorgeous coral that I discovered this year. Pimp my shrimp has an adorable name, looks gorgeous on and lasts incredibly well. Completely unique to my collection. More on this polish HERE

10) Barry M Blueberry Ice-cream 

I only realised how much I used this polish when I looked back over all the swatches from this year. It popped up time and time again and I really fell for the nail polish on its own when I was doing nail art for a Tommy Tiernan gig I went to in December. Gorgeous. More on this polish HERE

Runners up:
* Essence Sparkling Waterlily
* China Glaze Riveting from the Hunger Games collection

Were any of these polishes in your favourites too? Going through other bloggers favourites' I haven't really noticed any one else mentioning a lot of these polishes which is a shame because I am thrilled with them.



  1. I can see why grumpy is your fave! We both chose bright blues at the top of the list. I think I need to get Khalahari Kiss and Exotic Encounters. Nice list!

    1. Oh both Kalahari and exotic encounters are great picks. Definitely pick them up! Thank you :) x

  2. It's always interesting to see favourites lists! I also like cremes. I have one similar to #1 and a holo glitter that I like very much, and now I find it strange that I've hardly used them. #7 and #6 look very beautiful!

    1. Yeh I noticed the same, I've only worn a couple of them a good few times. I can't find dupes of Grumpy that are cheap so I'm trying to spare it haha x

  3. I haven't tried either of them but I love the look of the Essence Grumpy & China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy! I love neons haha

    1. Me too :D Neons are such fun polishes to wear

  4. Wow!!! You def have chosen great colors. I so love the colors too for I find them all elegant and classy. they are perfect for any occasion.

  5. Of these polishes, I really like CG's Exotic Encounters and Catrice's Raspberry fields forever. Other colours don't appeal to me that much (though they are very lovely to look at! :D).

    (great idea for splitting the favourites into more categories, it means more posts for us to admire! :))

    1. haha well I hope you like the other posts just as much :) xx

  6. Beautiful picks!! I want the glitter ones soooooo bad!

    1. Obsessed with the glitter polishes here. So versatile!

  7. I did just indies, but if I had done name brand 2012 favorites, China Glaze Riveting would be easy #1 for me. I do love Grumpy, Exotic Encounters and Flip Flop Fantasy from your list. Havne't tried the others, I don't have any Catrice or Barry M

    1. I debated over Riveting but it was so hyped up that it disappointed me a little bit.


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