24 December 2012

Bouli, Bouli!

Hey all!

All Irish boys and Girls should (hopefully) recognize the lovely face of Bouli on the left! Bouli is one of the most well-known childrens cartoons in Ireland. Bouli is a little melted snowman who was brought back to life by the moon and a little bit of magic. It's such a sweet show! For this manicure I did the nights sky on my index and pinky fingers. Bouli is on my middle finger and the moon that brought him back to life is on my ring finger! I couldn't have Christmas go by without one of the most popular snowmen (after Frosty obviously) featuring on the blog. Funnily enough the minute I finished the manicure we had one of the sunniest days of the year in Ireland. Not very festive but it was great for picture taking!

 I did a gradient on my index ad pinky finger using black and blue acrylic paint. I covered them both with a layer of China Glaze Snow Globe which finished it off perfectly and made it look like twinkling stars :) Bouli and his moon friend are done using all acrylic paints apart from the red which is Nail the Bytch in Lick-or-ish bytch. The perfect red in my opinion.  I topped it all off with my Essence Quick dry topcoat.

I am so frickin' happy with the way it turned out! Bouli has such a sweet face but I think the moon is my favourite :)  I was going to do this as my Christmas manicure but I know well my nails will break or chip during the day from cleaning and baking so I'm sticking with a polish that I can touch up with ease.

 Have you picked out your manicure for the week yet? Even if you don't celebrate, let me know what you are wearing at the moment :)



  1. Hey, yeah, I remember this cartoon, too!! :) (though I had to google it first, I only knew it by its Slovenian name)
    So sweet, and your mani looks really great.
    I just love your cartoons-themed nail art! But personally I think Snoopy is still the awesome-est! :D
    (atm I'm wearing a gorgeous essence "walk on the wild side" -- I successfully convinced myself it's an even better & improved dupe of OPI's "live and let die", lol (I know it's not really, but to me it's actually much much better))

    1. haha thank you!! I'm really glad you like them. Snoopy is one of my favourites too :P Essence Walk on the wild side is pretty gorgeous :)


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