03 October 2012

What a tart!

Hey all!

i could have sworn that I posted this already but I can't find it in my previous post list so I'm popping it up now! I bought Smitten Polish Strawberry tart way back when I picked up Mint chip and fire and blood. I wanted this polish for ages so I was delighted to finally get it, even though I'm not really a fan of pink polish.

Strawberry tart is a mixture of blue, red and pink glitter set in a pink base. Application was fairly straightforward. I didn't have a problem getting any of the glitter out which is great! I hate having to fish around to get a decent mix of coloured glitter.
Index finger 4 coats
Middle finger 3 coats
Ring finger 2 coats
Pinky finger 1 coat

On it's own strawberry tart needs 3-4 coats for full opacity. It depends on the length of your nails and how opaque you like it to be! I prefer full coverage and 3 seemed pretty perfect to me on my nail length.

I decided to layer it over Nails inc Warwick avenue. I think it really popped with a base colour underneath. I prefer strawberry tart layered just for a more intense pink. The glitter works well with the polish and you end up with a really nice manicure that I want to recreate every time I see the swatches.
Here I only have 1 coat of Smitten polish Strawberry tart over 3 coats of Nails inc Warwick Avenue.
Again, I'm not a pink fan but I really love polish! So happy to have it in my stash now :)

Smitten polish retails for $9 for 15ml which is brilliant! International shipping is fairly decent too so I'd highly recommend a look at the Etsy shop when it reopens. Noelie announces each opening on her blog beforehand. Fun fact: My bottle came without a label. I think Customs stole it....


  1. My bottle of Smitten's Bluebird came without a label! Interestingly enough, I ordered 2 Bluebirds (one for a friend), and one had a label and the other didn't. I took the one without because I could see the polish sparkle. xP

    1. That is so unusual! I like having the labels though :P

  2. This is so gorgeous! I have really been loving the polishes I am seeing of this brand, I need to add them to my "to try" list!

    1. I highly recommend them! I love the ones I have :)

  3. Such a sweet and charming polish.

  4. This one is really sweet!:)

  5. Gah so pretty you always have the best nails!

  6. That is really pretty but I am a sucker for pink polish!

    1. I'm only really getting into pinks now! i'm very picky with them :P


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