19 October 2012

What a sellout!

Hey all!

TGIF! So you all know that Catrice have a habit of re-using the names of their polishes over and over and over again (I'm not even exaggerating there!) Sold out forever has been released 3 times already. Seriously. That annoys me a fair bit because I bought this thinking it was the original discontinued one. Today I have Sold out forever version 2.

Sold out forever is a pastel blue creme with a tiny but of blue shimmer running through it. I hated it when I bought it. Capital H hate it. I think it was more the disappointment because I genuinely thought this was the original that I had missed out on by one week (my shop got rid of their stock really quickly for some reason) I was raging and threw this into my stash and it stayed there for a while :P Also it looked weird on my long nails so that didn't really help. On short nails I think this polish is amazing! I love the colour even on my pale skin it looks great. I used this for a manicure as a last resort with another polish and it just looked perfect to me. This looks amazing with a topper (I have that post coming up soon!) It looks more white than blue so it does stand out on your nails. I like that though. It catches your eye more often during the day.

I have on 3 coats of sold out forever and no topcoat. It's really glossy on its own but a topcoat is always a good idea. I wasn't going to be wearing this for long so it seemed like a bit of a waste ;) The formula was grand like it went on fairly smoothly. I needed three coats because I didn't let it dry and it dragged a little.
My hands look super shiney in these pictures and I have no idea why! They'd nearly blind you!
Anyway....Catrice are fairly reliable. I rarely suffer from premature chipping (haha) so Catrice are always worth a look. Especially for €2,79 ;) I hope they bring out some new stuff soon! The new essence polishes are a tad disappointing so I need some goodies to keep me occupied.

 I have the original Sold out forever too thanks to the lovely Chiro from Nails of this week so I'll pop that up next week :)

Have ye ever been caught out by a re-released polish name?



  1. Thats a pretty colour, any catrice polish I have used has been totally watery, like you would need 7688 coats for it to look normal

    1. I noticed that with another one of their polishes. I have no idea what they have done to the formula but they are streaky as hell!

  2. I'm new around the polish world so I've never experienced that but I've seen it where a color was release in two different shades although I think that was an error!

    1. They really should be keeping an eye on this when they know that nail addicts will spot it a mile away :P I'm lucky that I like all three versions of this though ;)


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