15 October 2012

Well f**k me pink

Hey all,

Barry M released these Retro polish bottles to celebrate their 30th birthday a while back. I was dying to get the blue polish but they didn't have them in my shop. Thankfully you can get them on the Barry  website now so I might have to buy the rest of this set.

 Barry m retro pink (or Hot pink sunshine as it says on the website) is a gorgeous deep pink with a metallic finish on them. Honestly, I only put this on so I could move it from my untried section :P Turns out it is amazing and now one of my favourite polishes ever. Who saw that one coming? not me!  Pink is just a bit tooooo girly for me. I feel like a bit of a fraud wearing it ( Weird I know but it just doesn't feel right!) I think the metallic finish really made a difference. The polish really pops on the nails and it constantly catches your eye throughout the day. It's a little deeper in real life and far more gorgeous that my pictures show. There are 5 other polishes on the website but I could have sworn there was a dark and a light blue in it aswell. Maybe I was dreaming or spaced out or something....

I have on two coats of Barry m retro pink. I topped it off with a coat of Seche vite. Application was perfect. It glided on and I had minimal clean up to do afterwards. The brush is thin so it pretty much suits every nail shape. I wish it had more of a curve at the bristles instead of a square top though. I always find it hard to get a nice curve around my cuticles with square headed brushes. Other than that I have no complaints. It dries really quickly and lasted a whole week without chips or tip wear  There is a gorgeous shimmer mixed in with the pink that really sparkles when you catch it in the right light. I wish it was easier to capture on camera! Everyone should check this out.

The Barry m retro paints cost £2 on the Barry m site. I am going to get the blue (electric dreams) and the red (lady in red) soon. They look stunning, especially the red and they have the same metallic like finish. Gorgeous!

Have any of the retro polishes caught your eye? I have the coral and the purple too so if ye would like to see them swatched let me know.



  1. Haha your post title literally made me chuckle out loud xD This is a great color on you!

  2. hahaha that's what I always say too!!! (the title)
    I am surprised too how some polishes that are sooo not me I end up loving!!! this one is beautiful!

    1. haha I;m glad it's a universal saying :P
      Yeh I used to be soooo picky with colours and only going for ones I knew I'd like. I have to broaden my horizon a bit more ;)

  3. That's a great shade of pink-must check these out! I'd love to see the purple shade swatched actually! :)

    1. I can pop one up this weekend :) It's very pretty I have to say!


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