17 August 2012

WingDustCollections Under the Sea review

Hey all!

Ok so the big storm that was supposed to hit us was apparently made up by some fella trying to make his news story more lively. What a twat! Anyway,  I have the second last polish from WingDustCollections today.
Under the sea is a gorgeous mix of holo, blue and black hex glitter with finer blue glitter set in a clear base. This is definitely intended as a topper and it was the polish that I was the most excited about! Toppers are a brilliant way of spicing up an older manicure and are great fr hiding little chips when you don't have time to re-do your nails.Here I just have one coat of Under the Sea on each nail.It'll never be opaque people :P

Even with the amount of polish I have in my stash I couldn't for the life of me think of any colours aside from coral and blue to team this with.  I went for Barry m Blueberry ice cream just to keep on with the blue/ sea theme.

This is 2 coats of Blueberry ice cream with just the one coat of Under the sea.  Now I love this topper, the colours and glitter are just amazing and really suited to me. The problem with theis polish, and it's a big'un!, is the curling. Pretty much all of the big hexes curled on my nails.You can see it fairly clearly on my ring finger  The black hex is the worst and most obvious curler but the blue hexes curled up a fair bit too.

I think it looks bad on the nail and I wouldn't be able to pick picking at the curled glitter until it cam off! The great news is Stephanie from WingDustCollections is taking this from the site and it going to work on fixing it so the curling stops. If she manages to so this, I think everyone should pick up a bottle. It's still one of my favourite toppers ever.

Click on the pictures to see the sparkle :) I kind of wish I had paired it with a coral polish now :P

You can find WingDustCollections on Etsy and Facebook. Each polish costs $9 :)


**Polish was provided for review**


  1. Replies
    1. Gorgeous isn't it? Hopefully Stephanie can fix the formula soon :)

  2. Boo about the curling, but fair play to Stephanie for doing something about it so quickly! It is a beautiful topper. x

    1. Unlike some indie brands that try to claim that curling was intentional :P x

  3. very pretty! :) pity about the curling tho :(

    1. I know it was an awful let down :( At least there's a good chance it'll be fixed :)


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