18 August 2012

WingDustCollections Jazzberry Pie review

Hey all!

This is the last polish I have for reiew from WingDustCollections and it a beauty! Purple or not this one is a bleeding knockout altogether.

 Jazzberry pie is sheer,light pinky/purple polish laden with holographic glitter and dotted with blue hexes.

On its on Jazzberry Pie isn't much to write home about.The colour builds up enough with 2 coats to cover the nail but this isn't my favourite way to wear this polish.

Index finger 4 coats
Middle finger 3 coats
Ring finger 2 coats
Pinky finger 1 coat

4 coats is ideal if you just want to wear Jazzberry pie on its own. Trust me, you will want to layer it though!

Here you can see Jazzberry pie layered:

I think glitters like Jazzberry pie always look better and more prominent over darker colours. I teamed Jazzberry Pie with 2 coats of  Barry M denim.

I really really really recommend clicking on the pictures to make them bigger. You are really missing out on the sparkle if you don't.  Jazzberry pie is a polish that looks kind of tame and unappealing in the bottle but it explodes when it is layered over a darker polish! I cannot wait to use this polish again. It's perfect!

You can find WingDustCollections on Etsy and Facebook. Each polish costs $9.

So, out of all 5 polishes, which is your favourite? I have to say based on formula and the end result Jazzberry pie has bowled me over. Stunning!


**Polish was provided for review**


  1. It looks absolutely fantastic layered :) I don't think I'd ever wear a that sheer polish on its own.

    1. I wouldn't either but layered it is amazing! I'm going to try it over a light polish just to see how that works too , but dark polish is the best for Jazzberry pie

  2. This would have to be my favorite! Really like the look of it layered!

    1. Me too! It's so deceiving in the bottle :P

  3. I really like it! Jazzberry Pie is pretty!


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