09 August 2012

F4 Splat review

Hey all!

Today I have F4 splat (in case you missed the title :P )

 Splat is made up of hex, square and bar matte glitter with a sprinkling of holographic glitter to really liven it up. I fricking love this one! It reminds me of Cover band sticks n' stones (I don't own that to compare them though)

The holographic glitter is the perfect addition to Splat. I applied really well but it was harder to get a good mixture of the different glitter size and shapes on the nail.

Index finger 4 coats
Middle finger 3 coats
Ring finger 2 coats
Pinky finger 1 coat

If I were to wear this on it's own I would go for 3 coats. I like the mix of polish and it doesn't look too crowded on the nail. The base is a bit thick though it dries fairly smooth.

 I layered it over Catrice Pimp my Shrimp (one of my all time favourite polish colours). Splat looks amazing when it's layered over a brighter colour. I really love this combination. It's one I will do again and again as I don't see myself getting bored with it!

This is 3 coats of Catrice Pimp my Shrimp with 1 coat of F4 Splat! It's so much brighter and sparkly in real life.

If you don't have a polish like this already then I really would recommend buying Splat! When this runs out (probably won't take long!) I'm going to be getting the 15ml bottle. Such a great polish and really versatile. Love it!

 You can buy a 15ml bottle of F4 splat on Etsy for $8. International addicts can email F4 through etsy and they will set up a custom listing for you so you don't have to miss out :D

**Polish was provided for review**


  1. Ohh SO cool! It reminds me quite a bit of Cover Band Sticks and Stones.

    1. Me too! That's fairly hard to get too.

  2. This looks a lot of fun over an orange!!

    1. It really makes the glitter more noticeable :)

  3. LOVE bar glitter! This looks so fun layered!

  4. That looks so amazing.. love the orangy color Great blog!x Marina

    1. Thanks Marina! pimp my shrimp is the best coral/orange polish. So much nicer in real life! x

  5. want this!!! I have been lusting over stick and stones for an age!

    1. I really like this one. The holo makes it so much better!!


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