10 August 2012

F4 Bubble Yum review

Hey all!

This is the last F4 polish I have for review. This one is called Bubble Yum (cute name :P )

 F4 Bubble yum is another clear based glitter but this time with white and pink matte glitter of various sizes. I am not really a girlie girl so pink is never on my "OMG I NEED IT" list. I am really surprised with how my I like this, especially when it's layered over a darker polish.

Index finger 4 coats
Middle finger 3 coats
Ring finger 2 coats
Pinky finger 1 coat

This polish isn't going to get opaque but if I were to wear it on it's own I'd go for 2 coats. I think that has a good mix of colours and glitter sizes and it doesn't look too crowded. The glitter sits smoothly on the nail too which is really the way I prefer it to be. Stops me picking at it :P
 Application was good with this one. You don't have to fish around for glitter. It comes out with a nice even mix of sizes and colours. I'd give the bottle a little shake in between coats just to get the glitters to mix up again. This way you are getting a nice coating of glitter on each nail.

It can get a bit lumpy so keep that in mind if you are hoping to build it up! It dries quickly too but that always depends on how thick of a coat you put on and how many layers you do :)

 I layered Bubble yum over black and it blew my mind! I was not expecting it to look so good over black but it really does! I used to be a complete black nail polish addict! It was the only polish I owned for years but I've sadly stopped loving it as much but with a topper like this I think my love for black has been rekindled.

This is two coats of Stargazer 129 (damn nameless polish!) with 1 coat of Bubble yum on top. Another winner in my books!

 You can buy F4 bubble yum in a 15ml bottle on Etsy for $8. International addicts, all ye have to do is email F4 through Etsy and they will set up a custom listing for you so you won't miss out!

Out of the 4, which polish is your favourite?


 **Polish was provided for review**


  1. Such a yummy looking polish! I wonder how it would look with something lighter, like grey???? :)

    1. I have no idea! I'll try it out and see. Thanks for the suggestion :D

  2. This is so gorgeous! I *am a girlie girl, so this is definitely my favourite one.

    1. I can handle this over a dark colour but I'd never put it with pink :P Way too much for me!

  3. Yum!! I'm adding this to my F4 polish wish list!

    1. Great :D It's great for an accent nail too :) x

  4. This is such an interesting polish! And it looks so pretty layered over black!! Gorgeous!

    1. I think it's the best layered over black :) Really shows it off!


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