18 July 2012

Smitten Polish- Fire and Blood!

Hey all!

This is the first of the three polishes I bought from Noelie's line Smitten polish. After missing her first ever opening for the Nommy noms collection I knew I had to get them the next chance I got!  Totally worth it and Noelie is an absolute star at making polish so I was incredibly excited when they arrived. This was requested by Rainbowify me so here it is :)

Here is Fire and Blood over 2 coats of Miss Sporty Red tango. Now we are having fairly crap weather here so this picture doesn't give much away but fire and blood is a stunning glitter set in a red base. I knew this polish would be perfect layered over a good red and I was right! I love it.

Fire and Blood is one of the latest releases. It is part of the Game of Thrones themed set. I haven't seen the show or read the books but the polish is fricking amazing!

 Here I just quickly layered a few coats over Miss Sporty red tango just to show how well it builds up over a base colour. The glitter really comes together but it doesn't look thick on  the nail.

Here I have Fire and Blood on it's own. I love the fact that you can wear this polish on it's own. I really like it with 3 and four coats. You can't see the nail line after 2 coats which is amazing - especially as I have super long nails.

I am in pure love with this polish. I always had a thing for China Glaze Ruby pumps but this is far better in my opinion. I prefer the different size glitter and the colours are so beautiful in the sun.

Fire and blood is 15ml in size and it costs $9 or around €7.32 from Noelie's Etsy shop . I think Noelie is just about to open up again so if you are after any of her polish then keep an eye on her blog page!

So Ruby pumps or Fire and blood? ;)



  1. Fire and Blood definitely! I'm a sucker for The Game of Thrones reference. I bought Winter is Coming just cause of that and it's gorgeous as well. Fire and Blood looks amazing on you!

    1. Thank you :D I love it! I never wear red often enough.

  2. I love this. The richness of the red looks amazing with your skin tone.

    1. thank you :D I love it! Such a great polish


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