07 June 2012

Puff the golden dragon

Hey all!

I have another gorgeous green nail polish for ye today :)

This is GOSH Golden dragon (564). I won this polish in Rainbowify me's giveaway HERE. This is actually my first GOSH nail polish so I was super excited to try it out.

Greens are a huge love of mine. I do prefer darker greens but the mix of blue in with this polish is perfect.


I have 2 coats of GOSH Golden dragon over Stargazer 114 as my base coat.I added on a layer of Essence Quick dry topcoat to make it extra glossy and to stop any chips.

I love the mix of colours in this polish. During the day you can really see the blue and the gold tones. At night it is a pure delight! Green is definitely dominant followed by gold tones and a hint of the blue. It is such an eye-catching polish.

I will have no problem wearing this polish for a week! I keep looking at my nail and I just spotted a tiny area that is just pure gold polish. So unique and pretty.

I do  think the name is a bit weird though :P It's perfect for the polish in the bottle. You can see the swirls of gold that really do look like Chinese dragons. On the nail it's not really dragon-y :P Although I suppose it does look a bit like dragon scales.hmm I'm still not sold on the name.

The polish was so easy to control. The brush is fairly long which worried me a bit as I am used to fairly short ones but the tip is slim and allows perfect cover in three strokes.

I now have a major love for GOSH polish. They are so dear here which is really disappointing. The bottles are the exact same size as the Essence special effects topper polishes. They hold 8ml of polish. Essence cost a bit less than €3 while GOSH retail for €8! Huge difference in price although the quality is the exact same.

Any of ye have this polish? What is your favourite GOSH polish?



  1. very pretty! You make me want to try out china glaze agro, since I haven't even swatched it yet lol

  2. I'm glad you like it :) I have Gosh polishes and I really like the quality. The price here is €8 as well, which is in the lower end of normal price for a nail polish here. I often wish that some of the great, cheaper brands would settle down here, like Essence, Catrice, P2 etc.

    1. Wow polish is really dear over there! :(
      I've never heard of P2 but it would be great if the other brands popped over to ye :)

  3. Very pretty, I really like GOSH polishes :)

  4. No, I have not seen it before. It looks very beautiful! My favorite GOSH polish is 002 Misty Mauve.

    1. I really like it too :D I'm going to check out misty mauve now :)

    2. Misty Mauve is a limited edition from 2011. Sorry. But I've seen swatches of similar ones, like Barry M Berry Ice Cream.

    3. Ah that's good because I have berry ice cream :)


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