03 July 2012

Polish Days: Jelly Sandwich!

Hey all!

I mentioned in my previous post that today was always the Polish Days Jelly sandwich event! This is my first time taking part in this so I'm fairly excited I have to say! Hannah aka Polly Polish coerced me into it by saying there were no Irish bloggers taking part :P Sure how could I say no?

Basically they set a theme for everyone to do! You can sign up here http://www.pollypolish.com/polish-days/

I have two coats of Essence Cotton Candy which is my favourite polish to use for a Jelly sandwich. Then I added on a coat of Essence Hello Holo which is just gorgeous and so sparkly. Then I added on a coat of Essence Circus Confetti. When that was dry I put on a final layer of Cotton Candy and topped it all off with a matte topcoat.

You can't really see the holographic effect of hello holo in the finshed mani but this picture shows it off really nicely. This is before I added on the final layer of cotton candy so you can see all of the glitter from hello holo and circus confetti.
I actually forgot how to do these so I had to go to Alexis' blog to follow the tutorial I made for a guest post for her haha. I love the way this looks on its own. So fun and glittery but I'd probably keep it for an accent nail. I wouldn't be able to pull off a full mani of this :)

 Here's a close up of the finished jelly sandwich. You can see hello holo just as silver glitter. I love this effect but next time I'll just use a normal silver glitter :) I don't want to waste hello holo because it is running out fairly rapid.

I really like this polish days challenge idea. You get loads of time to do the mani so there's no fear of not having enough time to do it (although I just finished my one on Saturday but sshhh)

Hannah (Polly Polish) http://www.pollypolish.com/polish-days-july-jelly-sandwich
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Keisha (Refined & Polished) http://refinedandpolished.blogspot.com/2012/07/polish-days-jelly-sandwich.html
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Mihaela http://www.lacquerbuzz.com/2012/07/sandwich-day.html
Stephanie (Sincerely Stephanie) http://www.sincerelystephanienails.com
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A Lacquered Affair http://alacqueredaffair.onsugar.com/Polish-Days-2-Jelly-Sandwich-23792485


  1. Wow, gorgeous, really lovely x

    1. Thank you! It's my favourite way of doing them :) x

  2. Looks beautiful :-) Will have to try it at some point! xx

    1. It's a great way of wearing glitter without it being to blingy or in your face :) x

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Arletta! I really like this combination :)

  4. i love how this looks sandwiched! it seems to bring out all the pretty colors more :3

    1. Me too! I think the Essence Cotton candy polish is the best :D

  5. They look so pretty! I need to do a sandwich mani! Yours always look so nice!

    1. Awh thank you! to be fair I tried 4 others and they looked brutal :P I'm excited to see yours :)

  6. Fun! I love jelly sandwiches.

  7. This is really cool-I didn't like it before the top layer was added-but after-OMG! coolness!

    1. It's crazy isn't it?completely changes the glitter colours and all!


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