Dream dots for spots review

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A week or two ago I was sent out a box of the new Dream Dots for Spots to try out. Basically they are little round plasters that you stick on overnight to heal any spots you have. I was led to believe that the Dream dots would calm, clear and heal spots overnight after one use. That isn't really the case at all. I tried it a few times just to make sure I gave it a good go before doing the review and the results were disappointing for me. 

The first time I tried the Dream Dots I followed the instructions to a T. I cleansed my face, applied the dot as directed and left it on overnight. In  the morning the spot had actually gotten worse and was just as sore as it was the night before. This may have been that the length of time I had left it on was not enough although it was overnight (a good 9-11 hours from the time I applied it to the time I peeled it off) The other times I tried them the same thing happened. It says not to use in conjunction with any other spot treatments which would be find if the Dream dot alone worked to clear your skin but in  my case I had to follow on with other treatments to help heal and clear my skin.

I made the mistake of trying to pull the dot off instead of peeling away the borders and it hurt like hell! Peal away the borders when you want to remove the dot or you will regret it. On the plus side, you really do not need to worry about these pealing off during the night. Once you stick them on they are there until you decide otherwise. 
Another positive feature is that when you apply the dot, any redness you may have around the spot is practically invisible. I wore these during the day and you could barely tell that I had them on. On the leaflet inside the box they say the dot will turn white during the night as it works on the skin but not one of the dots I used changed colout which was a bit odd. 

Overall these didn't work for me. This may be down to my skin not agreeing with the products but I didn't notice enough of a difference after using them to really warrant buying them in the future. Something that really bothers me is the lack of listed ingredients on the box! Is it basically just a plaster with fancier packaging or what? I have checked out their website but again I can't find anything on it about the ingredients except that they are cruelty-free. They say they work overnight but you'll need to keep repeating the process over 3-4 days  to completely clear your skin. At that rate you probably won't  feel the box going and it would end up pretty pricey to keep replacing them when they run out (of course that depends on how often your skin breaks out). 

Dream Dots for Spots cost €14.95 for a pack of 24 dots. Shipping is Free worldwide when you order from their site.

**Product was provided for review**

The Book Look: Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes nail art and book review!

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The Book Look for this week is Sushi for beginners by Marian Keyes. It is quite a lengthy book at 564 pages and it was released in 2001. I've had my copy for a good few years now but you can buy new from the Book Depository for €8.83 or at TheBookShop.ie for €2 second hand.

Sushi for beginners focuses on the lives of 3 women, all from different backgrounds with different goals, and their struggles to come to terms with the changes in their lives. Lisa is a magazine editor with a bad attitude.  She does not take her relocation to Dublin, to set up Colleen magazine, very well and pretty much moans constantly throughout the book.Calling her self-centered is an understatement. Needless to say I didn't enjoy her character at all. 
Lisa's new assistant is the hapless Ashling. The author really tries to make you feel for her but I couldn't gel with her at all. She makes a heap of very stupid decisions and has a "pity me" attitude. Her "relationship" is a farce but still she goes along with it and convinces herself that she's in love when not 2 minutes beforehand she hated him. It's painful reading at times and you'd love to slap some sense into her. At times you would feel like she deserved what she got. She plays the innocent victim when she wasn't entirely honest from the start. 
Last but not least we are introduced to Clodagh, long time friend of Ashling who has it all. A nice house, a caring husband and 2 kids. Of course she's not happy with any of this and decides to look elsewhere to inject some fun into her life. She's the classic Bitch character and you can guess that it doesn't bode well for her perfect family life. 

Although the story is focused on the lives of the 3 women, the only character I enjoyed reading about in the entire 564 page book was the homeless boy named Boo. Unfortunately his story isn't really expanded upon. I think this is an awful shame and I would have preferred it if the author had at least gone into his life a bit more. I thought he would have played a bigger role as the story went on but it never really went anywhere. 
As the magazine's release date gets closer, the lives of the 3 women get even more hectic and complicated. The book can be a bit slow at times but it's a fairly easy read. The story is pretty simple to follow so if you are looking for a light bit of reading this will suit you just fine.

Overall I would give Sushi for Beginners 3 out of 5. The story was slightly predictable and the characters weren't my cup of tea. I do like Marian Keyes' style and I have another book waiting by her (Watermelon in case ye are interested) so I'll definitely give her books another go.

I kept the nail look pretty close to the design on the cover. Here I have on Barry m Pink Flamingo. I believe this was 3 coats. Then using a sponge I added on OPI Kiss me I'm Brazillian on top. For the accent nail I have Pink Flamingo as a base and I used some plain white polish for the chopsticks.  I added on a clear topcoat as the finish was fairly dull on its own.


My golden fair lady

Hey all,

If you follow me on Instagram then you would (probably) seen this already. It's been a while since I pulled out Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Gilded lily but I didn't really want to wear it as a full manicure. In the end I settled on an accent nail and a gradient. Gradient's are probably the easiest way to wear glitter nail polishes without going completely OTT.

I started with 2 coats of Ciate My Fair lady. This is becoming one of my favourite nude nail polishes. It's funny because way back when I first got it I hated it! Thankfully I held on to it, it's perfect for my skintone. When that was dry I gradually added on Gilded lily. It's a fairly jam-packed glitter with a slightly thick clear base so I wiped the brush on the bottle a few times before dabbing it on the nail.  The accent nail is 3 coats of Gilded lily on its own. I didn't bother with a topcoat seeing as it was pretty shiny anyway.


Twinsie Tuesday- inspired by Nature nail art

Hey all,

Twinsie Tuesday time! I swear these always seem so far away but they creep up on you overnight and then you panic trying to think of a fun design to do. I really liked the theme for this week. Nature inspired manicures can be so diverse and beautiful. Plus you can't help but be inspired by nature. I thought I would give Tree-bark inspired nails a try after seeing a stamped manicure a while back on A Girl and her Polish's blog. I don't have the stamp to recreate it exactly so I freehanded it.

 I started off with 2 coats of NYC Park Avenue. This is more of a taupe which I didn't realise until I had it on my nails. For the Tree-bark effect I used Barry M Mushroom. For the accent nail (the rings you see on a tree showing its age) I used the same colours alongside Misa Bourbon on the Rocks. This is one of my all-time favourite polishes. The red shimmer is so intense in person. I used this for the knots on the other nails. I wish I had a wider range of brown nail polish for this design! I think it would have looked far better with deeper, more wood like shades. The NYC and the Barry m polishes just aren't brown enough for what I had in mind.

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A Summer Rainbow

 Hey all,

I have been meaning to try this design for ever and a day. I'm not sure what made me do it this time as opposed to all the other times but sure it's done now! 

I started off with3 coats of OPI I just can't cope-acabana. I was wearing this as a manicure so I just kept it on for this design seeing as I was going to use yellow anyway. Then I added on two bits of striping tape to each nail and painted on Catrice Meet me at coral island. When that was done I peeled off the tape and repeated the same process with Barry M blueberry Ice-Cream, Barry M Berry Ice-Cream, Barry M Mint, Barry M Peach Melba and Sinful Colors Sugar Rush.

It's not a hard design at all to do but it is really time-consuming. I think the end result is worth it though and it's a design you won't get bored off in a hurry so you'd get a week of wear out of it no bother. I love the way it looks, it's so eye-catching and fun! They kind of look like nail wraps (although those are a lot quicker to do!) I'm sure you could speed up the process by forgoing the striping tape and freehanding it but I like the lines to be crisp and I think it would have ended up really thick on the nail if I had used that method.


The Body Shop's New Hand cream Collection

Hey all,

Along with the Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus set I was also sent 2 of the new mini 30 ml hand-creams they released. I have the Shea and Homeymania scents/formulas. I normally use the regular full size version of these hand creams but I hate the packaging. It's like foil so it ends up squirting out all the handcream whenever I take the lid off. Once you press down it, there is no way of getting the shape of the tube back to normal so it got pretty messy after a couple of uses.

Thankfully the mini versions are in plastic tubes so you can squeeze out the amount you need without any waste. If you end up with too much you can always suck it back in.

They smell amazing and the scent lingers for a little while after which is nice. It's not overpowering for me so it doesn't bother me at all. I like that they are 30ml bottles as you can bring them around with you and not have to worry about them taking up too much room in your bag or on your desk.
On my normal, dry hands these work well. The formula is nice, not too thick or thin. It sinks in quickly although they feel like they have product on them for about a minute or 2 after rubbing the cream in. After that they just feel soft and smooth with a lovely scent. 

As someone who uses hand sanatizers a fair bit, it's important to have a good handcream to help with the drying effect from the alcohol. You can pick one of the Body Shop's 30 ml handcreams for €5.95. There are 8 scents available (Honeymania, Shea, Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, Strawberry, Satsuma, Mango & Moringa)

**Product provided for review**

A Sweet Tart

Hey all,

I've been trying to use my glitter polishes a bit more now that the summer is here. I have on 3 coats of 17 Sweet Kisses. I added on Smitten Polish Strawberry Tart to the tips. First I made sure to wipe off most of the polish in the bottle.  I do this because Strawberry Tart is a pink base with multi-cloured glitter. I don't have a polish that matches it perfectly so I try and grab as little of the base and a load of glitter in one swipe. This means the glitter transfers nicely onto the nail without the base making it look really streaky and apparent on top of the lighter polish I have on.

I liked wearing this mani. It's not something I ould normally for for but in the Summer I tend to branch out a little bit more. I love 17 Sweet kisses but I'm looking to find a polish that's just a little bit lighter. I thinking along the lines of Essie Fiji but with a better formula.



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