07 October 2015

Vanish nail art

Hey all

**Product was provided for my 100% honest review**

Bit of an unusual manicure today but if you've followed my for any length of time you'll know I have some different manicures inspired by random things. I was asked if I would like to review some Vanish stain removal products a while ago. I actually use these in the wash every day so I was interested in trying out the newer versions. They sent me both the Vanish Gold Oxi Action powder and the Vanish Gold for Whites powder. I've noticed a huge difference in my washing since I started using Vanish and I've used it in every wash for the last few years. There's nothing worse than washing your favourite jumper or shirt only for it to come out with a stain still on it so I air on the side of caution.

I thought it would be fun to do a manicure inspired by the product packaging so I went with the Vanish Gold Oxi Action seeing as it has a bit more colour to it. I started with Essence the gel nail polish in 09 #Lucky for my base (bright pink). Once that was dry I painted on the letters using a plain white polish before going over it with Lancome Nuit D'Azure (navy blue). Naturally I did the words gold in Catrice Goldfinger (shimmery gold). I was going to leave it at that but I added on some bubbles at the last minute using a white polish as my base and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in 240 B-Girl (light blue).

I honestly wouldn't be without a box of Vanish now. It really freshens up my clothes and gets rid of any stains that may appear on them. Now Vanish is pretty expensive. The smaller tubs, like the one you see below, cost around €10. The bigger 1.5kg tubs go for around €18. I urge you to check around before buying them! You can find them on offer in most shops for at least half-price (Tesco have the big ones on offer fairly regularly for around €9!) so stock up when they are on offer and save yourself a good bit of money.  They do last a good few weeks so if you have a wash on 2-3 times a day like me, you'll get a good while out of the tub. I wouldn't buy them full price as I know they go on offer a lot. I tend to stock up on them once the offers are out so I've never run out before the next discount is on.

06 October 2015

Twinsie Tuesday- Inspired by Nails Like Lace

Hey all

This week we got to pick our own manicure to recreate from another Twinsie's blog. I remember loving Dark Daisy Colour Block manicure when Amber posted it on her blog so I trawled through her instagram to find it again. Obviously I don't have the same polishes to recreate the manicure exactly so I changed them slightly to make it more Autumn-y.

The polishes used from Left-Right:

Orly Liquid Vinyl (base for all my nails)
OPI Goldeneye (dots on all nails)
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 544 Tahitian Sunset (light orange)
Essence the gel nail polish 51 Miss Captain (teal blue)
Essence the gel nail polish 27 Don't be shy (lime green)
Essence the gel nail polish 31 Electriiiiiic (royal blue)
Essence the gel nail polish 47 Va-Va-Voom (matt pinky-coral)
Sally Hansen Miracle gel 300 Electra-cute (bright orange)
Essence the gel nail polish 38 Love is in the air (light yellow)
Essence the gel nail polish 52 Amazed by you (plum purple)

I put on 2  coats of each polish to make the colour as strong as possible. I just dabbed on the gold polish using the brush instead of messing around with dotting tools. I striped off each nail in the center with striping tape once the black base was dry. I really like the ring fingers polishes together but I think they all work really well. Amber did a great job pairing these colours so I kept mine pretty similar.
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02 October 2015

The Discworld #5: Sourcery

Hey all

It's been a while since we had a Discworld Manicure! Book number 5 in the Discworld series is Sourcery. Rincewind is back alongside Conina and the hapless Nijel. I love Rincewind, he's a great character with some very funny one-liners.

Sourcery isn't one of my absolute favourites from the series but I enjoyed re-reading it. Like most of my other Discworld manicures I based my current one on the main characters: Conina on the left, Rincewind in the middle and Nijel on the right. Rincewind acts as a divide between the 2 other characters in the book so this seemed like the natural placement for them all. Gold/ Treasure features heavily in the book so instead of squeezing a design on pinky finger I used a sparkly polish instead.

The polishes I used for this manicure
Essence Iced Latte (Conina's face)
Essence Nude it (Nijel's Face)
Essence Gold Fever (pinky)
Illamasqua Monogamous (outline of facial features)
Orly Liquid Vinyl (writing on hat)
Catrice Rusty but Sexy (Nijel's hair)
Barry m raspberry (Wizard hat)
Nyc Pinstripe white (eyes)
NYC Picnic on the lawn (Nijel's pupils)
Nails inc Bluebell (Conina's pupils)
OPI I just can't copeacabana (Conina's hair)
Essence Matt about you (topcoat)

30 September 2015

Rosie and Jim nail art

Hey all

If you remember these characters then you'll probably remember the theme song that goes with them! I've had it stuck in my head for days now. This is an oldie but a goodie. Rosie and Jim first aired in 1990 but it ended in 2000. They were 2 ragdolls living on a boat exploring the world from the canal they traveled on.

For Rosie I used Illamasqua Monogamous as my base. Her hair, eyes and mouth were done with Orly Liquid Vinyl. Her cheeks, nose and mouth line are done with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Creme de la Creme.  Finally her little bow is Sally Hansen patent Gloss in 730 Moto.

Jim is pretty much the same but in a different order. His face is Essence Iced Latte. Eyes, mouth and frekcles are done with Orly Liquid Vinyl. His cheeks and mouth line are Sally Hansen Miracle gel in Creme de la Creme, Finally his hair is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in 300 Electra-cute.

I didn't want my pinky and index to be plain so I did some polka dots based on the colour of Rosie's shirt (on the left) and Jim's cravat (on the right). I used Sally Hansen Patent Gloss in Moto for the red and OPI I just can't cope-acabana for the yellow.

29 September 2015

Twinsie Tuesday- Vampy nails

Hey all

Vampy nails were called for in this weeks Twinsie Tuesday challenge. I didn't want to do the usual black and red so I went with purple and red instead. It's still pretty vampy though!

For my base I went with 2 coats of Essence Amazed by you from the gel nail polish line. On top of that I added on a polish I haven't used in quite a while, Nails inc Victoria. I just freehanded it as it would have taken too long to get the striping tape level and it always peels or leaves a a bit of tape on my nails making it look messy.

Nails inc isn't a brand I would pay full price for. They chip really badly on me and I honestly don't think many brands are worth a €15+ price tag. Their colours are quite bland so you can easily find a cheaper dupe with a more long lasting finish. I don't mind picking them up when they come free with a magazine though!

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26 September 2015

Blog inspired nail art

Hey all

I think I did a blog inspired post before I changed my header a few months back. Purple_rain suggested I do an updated version a while ago so here it is! It was hard to fit all of the information on my little nails but I think it turned out ok in the end,

My base on my index and pinky is Sally Hansen Complete salon manicure 375 SGT Preppy. I used Sally hansen Miracle gel 430 Creme de la Creme on my middle and ring fingers. The black is Orly Liquid Vinyl. The purple is Essence the gel nail polish 52 Amazed by You. It needed another layer for the writing to be 100% opaque but honestly you wouldn't notice in person so I didn't bother. Finally I  added on my blog name with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 547 Peach of Cake.

The writing on my index and pinky finger ended up being too big so I had to do them vertically! It still bears a resemblance to my logo so I'm counting this as a success.

24 September 2015

Sally Hansen Nightwatch + Essie Stroke of Brilliance

Hey all

Finally some darker nails! I had to cut my nails down after breaking one of them but honestly I'm pretty happy with the shape at the moment. It's making things a lot easier to do. I haven't been into painting my nails lately so I didn't really want to do much with this manicure.

I went with Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure 674 Nightwatch as my base. It's a super glossy navy with a great formula. I think it will stain though so start with a basecoat I left my ring finger bare and put on a coat of white instead. Initially I planned on putting glitter on all my nails but I ended up just putting it on the white base and I like it. It's subtle but still it has that little sparkle to it. The glitter I used was Essie Stroke of Brilliant. I love this glitter. It's a lovely blue shade and it goes with so many polishes. I only needed one coat and it covered the nail perfectly. The glitter really doesn't show up as nicely in photo's but it is lovely in real life.


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